Holy Trinity Church Wealdstone June 2020

Activities for older children and families – click on the links to go to the individual websites.

Important! Parents/Carers - please read section below.

The videos below have been checked for suitability and safety but please be aware your children would be able to click off them to access other videos, so please supervise.

Some of the crafts might have links to websites, often with adverts on them, so again, please supervise your children when looking at these.

If you want to recap online and offline safety with your child, please go to https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ - official safety site backed by the UK National Crime Agency.

It would be lovely to see pictures of your child’s/family’s finished art/craft/designs or poems. If you would like to share them with our HT family please send them to office@htw.org.uk to be put on the church website. Or you could share them on Holy Trinity’s Facebook site. (This is a closed group for HT church members only.) If you’re not already a member, search on Facebook for HTW Follow Jesus.

Video and Audio Resources

The videos below try to give answer to two of the most common questions people ask: What is my purpose? and Who am I? Please watch the videos, in order to see what God's perspective is. 

Arts and Crafts and Other Ideas

Make your own "I am" poster. 

It is very important to know who you are in Christ. Below, there are a few pictures that share how God sees us. Design your own poster, by using statements of your choice from the pictures below. Place that poster somewhere you can see it often, in order to be reminded of who you are in God's eyes. 

Make your own fingerprint poster. 

We all know that we are unique - we each have an unique set of fingerprints. Look at one of your fingers and carefully notice your print pattern. Can you put that on paper? It might be tricky, but do the best you can. Draw your fingerprint on a big piece of white paper. On each line, write things about yourself, your worth, who you are in Christ. Here is an example: 

Fruit pops

We are all different and all are loved by God. We all have purpose. 

Make your own fruit pops. You will need: your favourite fruit, chocolate, microwave or cooker, sprinkles (if you want), or any toping of your choice, popsicle stick, skewers (or toothpicks).

What you need to do: Cut the fruit in pieces or slices and put it on a popsicle stick, skewer or toothpick (be careful when using sharp objects). Put the chocolate in a bowl and put it in the microwave or on the cooker on very low fire, until it's melted (be careful when using the cooker). Dip the fruit in chocolate, add sprinkles if you like and set on a plate or a sheet of greaseproof paper. When the chocolate has cooled, add cream or any other toping you like. Here are some ideas: