Holy Trinity Church Wealdstone April 2020

Easter activities for older children and families – click on the links to go to the individual websites.

The Messy Church Easter celebration story, told by Martyn Payne, will be available live on the Messy Church – BRF Facebook page at 5.00 pm (UK time) on Easter Sunday 12 April 2020.


There is an accompanying activity sheet which is available on the HTW website under the link Activities for Children and Families at Home, with lots of activities for children to do with their families.The activity suggestions on it will be picked up in the celebration above. You might like to prepare the activities and read the short Bible story in advance, so you are ready to do them as a family before or after the livestream.

Read: John 20:19–23 – Behind locked doors.

Important! Parents/Carers - please read section below.

The videos below have been checked for suitability and safety but please be aware your children would be able to click off them to access other videos, so please supervise.

Some of the crafts have links to websites, often with adverts on them, so again, please supervise your children when looking at these.

If you want to recap online and offline safety with your child, please go to https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ - official safety site backed by the UK National Crime Agency.

It would be lovely to see pictures of your child’s/family’s finished art/craft/designs or poems. If you would like to share them with our HT family please send them to office@htw.org.uk to be put on the church website. Or you could share them on Holy Trinity’s Facebook site. (This is a closed group for HT church members only.) If you’re not already a member, search on Facebook for HTW Follow Jesus.

Video and Audio Resources

Other Video and Audio Resources

The Easter Story - by Levi and Antonela

Topmarks website

An educational website with lots of information about Easter, including the Easter story, and activities for children of different ages


Lively Easter worship songs to enjoy together


Online and interactive Bible word searches, crosswords and quizzes.

As far as I can tell, this site is safe and appropriate for KS3 children upwards – but parents/carers please check and satisfy yourselves that you are happy for your child to use it (and let us know if you find a problem).


Arts and Crafts and Other Ideas

Make your own miniature Easter garden – try this link 


Or follow these instructions from Messy Church Good Friday 1 Easter gardens You will need: an old plate, a paper plate or a foil dish; soil; greenery and flowers; aluminium foil; sticks; string; stones or clean yoghurt pots Make an Easter garden on a plate, with Jesus’ tomb made out of stones or a yoghurt pot covered in greenery and Jesus’ cross made out of two sticks tied together with string. Fill the rest of the space with moss, grass, flowers and even a tiny pond made from foil. Talk about what happened on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Design a logo  (Thanks to Scripture Union Light Live)

Jesus is the One who died and rose again so that we can live for ever with God, so he deserves to be ‘Number One’ in our life.

2 Using the phrase ‘Number One’ or something similar, design a logo that represents the new life to which Jesus rose and which he now shares with us. Sketch it roughly first

with paper and pencils. If you are able, research existing designer labels to be inspired with styles of lettering, colour and design.

3) Then produce your finished design – and if you like, see the top of this page for how to share it for church members to enjoy.

Prayer crosses (From Messy Church Good Friday)

You will need: a bowl of water; paper; a pen; scissors Cut a small (roughly 10cm tall) cross shape out of the piece of paper (keep all the arms of the cross an equal length and short enough to fold over the centre easily). Draw or write a sorry prayer on the cross shape. Fold the ‘arms’ over the centre with a nice sharp crease so you end up with a square-ish shape. Drop it on to the surface of the water and watch the arms open up. Talk about how Jesus dying on the cross and rising to new life means that all the things we do wrong can be forgiven.

Poetry and worship

Write a poem about Jesus – as a family or individually. (Idea taken from Scripture Union Light Live.)

1} Think of and write down key words and phrases that you think sum up what Jesus achieved by dying on the cross and rising again.

2)Now turn the words or phrases into a poem of four-word lines that describe what Jesus has done.

For example:

• People lover, sacrifice maker

• Enemy forgiver, soul searcher

• Death defeater, life provider

  • Hope giver, heaven opener
  • Your poem can be as short or as long as you like.

    3) Turn the poem into praise and thanksgiving. Play music quietly in the background and begin the praise with, ‘Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross. We praise you…’ and then say your poem.

    Planting seeds (From Messy Church Good Friday)

    You will need: flowerpots; soil or compost; a packet of seeds or apple, satsuma or orange pips; water

     Plant the seeds in the pots and water them.

     Talk about the way you have to bury the seeds as if they are dead, so that they can change from being a seed to being a plant – the same but totally different. Like Jesus when he died and came back to life – the same person but totally different!

    In His Hands – John 3:16 Easter Craft.

    Cut out a largeblue circle from A4 paper or card.Use green paint to stamp handprints as shown, leaving enough room for the verse to be written around the edge. When dry,glue on a paper cross and add some shiny paint rays using paint or felt tips.

    The Bible reference is John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    From Brimful Curiosities.com