Holy Trinity Church Wealdstone April 2020

Easter activities for children under 5 and KS1 - and families – click on the links to go to the individual websites.

The Messy Church Easter celebration story, told by Martyn Payne, will be available live on the Messy Church – BRF Facebook page at 5.00 pm (UK time) on Easter Sunday 12 April 2020.


There is an accompanying activity sheet which is available on the HTW website under the link Activities for Children and Families at Home, with lots of activities for children to do with their families.The activity suggestions on it will be picked up in the celebration above. You might like to prepare the activities and read the short Bible story in advance, so you are ready to do them as a family before or after the livestream.

Read: John 20:19–23 – Behind locked doors.

Important! Parents/Carers - please read section below.

The videos below have been checked for suitability and safety but please be aware your children would be able to click off them to access other videos, so please supervise.

Some of the crafts have links to websites, often with adverts on them, so again, please supervise your children when looking at these.

If you want to recap online and offline safety with your child, please go to https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ - official safety site backed by the UK National Crime Agency.

It would be lovely to see pictures of your child’s/family’s finished art/craft/designs or poems. If you would like to share them with our HT family please send them to office@htw.org.uk to be put on the church website. Or you could share them on Holy Trinity’s Facebook site. (This is a closed group for HT church members only.) If you’re not already a member, search on Facebook for HTW Follow Jesus.

Video and Audio Resources

Other Video and Audio Resources

The Easter Story - by Levi and Antonela

Remember Me song from Friends and Heroes – all ages 


BBC Teach – video: Dan the Donkey Palm Sunday


BBC Teach – video: Easter -an animated explanation of what happened on Easter Sunday for KS1 


Barnabas in Schools – Easter eggs   https://www.barnabasinschools.org.uk/idea/exploring-easter-and-eggs

Significance of Easter eggs – and an Easter egg template

Our God is a Great Big God – song with actions – Messy Church favourite!


Arts and Crafts and Other Ideas

Peg leg donkey craft

Tape resist cross

Instructions on website say to use chalk, but this should work with watercolour or ready-mixed paints too.


Fingerprint cross art

Instructions below. Fingers are easy to use, but for less mess you could use cotton buds.


Easter Cross craft 

(Thanks to Godly Ladies.com website)

(The yellow paper is difficult to see in the picture but it’s used for light rays from behind the cross)

What you will need:

2 Paper Plates

Black Paper

Yellow Paper

2 split pins

Paper and pencils to decorate an Easter egg



An adult to help

What to do: Cut out the light rays from the yellow paper and glue it to the first plate. Cut out the cross from the black paper and glue it over the light.Draw and decorate an Easter egg and glue it on the front plate. Cut the plate down the middle. Attach with split pins to the first plate so that it slides open.

Easter new life butterflies

You will need: paper; paint; brushes; water Fold the paper in half and open it up again. On one half of the paper, put blobs of colour, roughly in the shape of half a butterfly, but you don’t need to be too exact. While the paint is still wet, fold the paper again and press the two halves together firmly, then open up and see if it looks anything like a butterfly! No doubt it will be beautiful anyway. Talk about the way it looks as if a caterpillar is dead when it turns itself into a chrysalis, but it comes to life again in a new and beautiful way. Jesus’ body was wrapped up like a chrysalis and he came back to life in a wonderful new way.
Photo from artfulparent.com

Easy Easter nests from BBC Good Food

These are quick and easy to make with younger children.Recipe and instructions online.