Holy Trinity Church Wealdstone June 2020

Activities for children under 5, KS1, KS2 - and families – click on the links to go to the individual websites.

Important! Parents/Carers - please read section below.

The videos below have been checked for suitability and safety but please be aware your children would be able to click off them to access other videos, so please supervise.

Some of the crafts might have links to websites, often with adverts on them, so again, please supervise your children when looking at these.

If you want to recap online and offline safety with your child, please go to https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ - official safety site backed by the UK National Crime Agency.

It would be lovely to see pictures of your child’s/family’s finished art/craft/designs or poems. If you would like to share them with our HT family please send them to office@htw.org.uk to be put on the church website. Or you could share them on Holy Trinity’s Facebook site. (This is a closed group for HT church members only.) If you’re not already a member, search on Facebook for HTW Follow Jesus.

Video and Audio Resources

Arts and Crafts and Other Ideas

Fruit of the Spirit Poster

Create your own "Fruit of the Spirit" poster and place it in a spot where you can see it often. 

You will need: White piece of paper, felt tips, crayons or coloured pencils. You can decorate it however you wish. 

"Fruit of the Spirit" Bowl

You will need: White or coloured paper (or both), scissors, glue stick, felt tips, crayons, coloured pencils, pencil. 

Rock Decorating

You will need: smooth little rocks, felt tips, coloured chalk. 

Cloud & Rainbow  

You will need: white paper, black felt tip, coloured felt tips. (You don't need to have coloured paper, you can colour your own if you wish). 
Instructions: Write your own name on the cloud. Colour the strips of paper in different colours and choose which fruits of the Spirit you think you have in your life. You can always add more.

Fruit Bowl 

You will need: your favourite fruit, a bowl, a chopping board and a blunt knife. 
Please never use a knife without grown-up supervision.